Earlier in this Spring, the company, Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), held several stores in Canada to showcase its new collection of prom and resins

In various places, from Vancouver to Southern Ontario, students were asked to accept goods for their friends, family and even other clients whom they could admire

I know you probably think ... CSI is selling dresses for prom?

In fact, they do it-and not only those who will approve your conservative relatives. High end brands such as BCBG MaxMara, betsey Johnson and Calvin Klein are selling some high-end brands such as BCBG MaxMara

For "traditional" dresses with big gemstones and tenderloin, HBC offers brands such as Adrianna Papell or Betsy and Adam

And ladies who have no taste in all things, and prefer "less", HBC fell under brands such as Free People and TopShop

Prior to the event, "Student Life" collected apps and mini-portfolios from the photographers of students and beginniers. We asked those students who saw this value in a photo for the Hudson's Bay Company to take part in the show on March 4, 2017

In order not only to have amazing students, to demonstrate the atroc of the prom, but to be involved in their communities, using these fashionable views to manage their artistic and creative skills

On behalf of the SLN, I would like to thank the students who participated in HBC, personally. Your work and dedication have not gone unnoticed

Visit the show HBC, which took place in Toronto's Eaton Centre, we had Abigail Lynch. Abigail is a 17-year-old student from Oakville, Ontario. She linked herself to the SLN for the opportunity to shoot at HBC because she wanted to diversify her photo and build her briefcase

When Abigail does not take a photograph of the prom dress, she is a GTA-based gallery, photographing beautiful sights that are offered by Mother Nature

To see more of her work,

Peterborough, Ontario, 17-year-old Megan Coevi took pictures in the fashion show HBC Oshawa Town Centre. Megan came to the SLN for the opportunity because she wanted to explore her skills in a professional assignment. She said SLN: "I have excellent experience in this area, but none of this was a caliber, and I think it would be an incredible opportunity to work with new people in the new environment."

Megan loves dinosaurs, plesiosaurus. In her free time, she likes to experiment with different colors and compositions, pictures of people, animals, and all things

For most of the work, get out of it

In Aurora Ontario, Savin Keller participated in the HBC fashion show on Square One, Mississippi. Gavin was looking for an opportunity to express his creativity and practice his skills in photography using the HBC modem as an outlet to do so

Gavin is a trade student at the University of Maxburg. He likes good music and has a taste for highly effective clothes. His days usually consist of studying the finances and study of local restaurants that Hamilton, Ontario have to offer

For some of his work

Once again, SLN and I thank you for taking part in these shows, and we hope you've enjoyed it

From now on till June, SLN is looking for students to dump them in their local HBC and to take pictures at their favorite senior prom. We ask students to take some pictures in the attire and send them to the SLN so that they are released every Friday

So far, Lovepreet Sidhu has done a fantastic job of modeling dresses

If you would like to take part in the work, please write to sam@squarecrop.com

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

Sam is a resident Fashion SLN and blogger. She also finds time to be a student at McMaster University. For some reason