How to do cheap mileage.

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Planning an exotic gap of the year may seem like a luxury, but if you're planning it right, you can get yourself all over the world in 80 days.

Courage among you can spend six months in Southeast Asia, while a tymider may prefer a few smaller trips to some European destinations a little closer to home ...

As you would not feel adventurist, read these tips on how to make your year of slapping while studying the world in one country at the same time!Guidelines for planning your space.

Choose a country that doesn't cost much.If you're going to make a gap year cheap, follow the country that doesn't drain your purse after a couple.

Make background studies.

If you're on a tight budget, you might want to.

South-East Asia is one of the cheapest places to visit a year of the gap (from here and why it attracts millions of tourists every year!). In some parts of Vietnam and Cambodia, Dorms is Pound2.50 and £ 3.50, respectively. Lunch for one can cost £ 1 to £ 2, and public transport is cheaper in.

Be sure to register for the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which you can obtain free of charge during the year when you get yours.

Do not travel during the peak holiday season.

There's 12 months this year, so try it.

As families with young children can travel only during summer vacations,

If you absolutely want to be on the side for the summer, fly in June or book your flight in advance to avoid entering the peak of the holiday season ..

You might even want to consider how to do it.

It'll give you some time to get it.

Plan your budget for your year.

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We like the budget here in SPC, and it's really important if you want to do everything on your list without breaking the bank. Work as long as you need for flights, accommodation, food and drinks, and all your fun activities ...

If you're going away for a few months, you might want to multiply in.

Which inoculations are covered by NHS?

The following inoculations are covered by the NHS and free of charge:

What inoculations do you have to pay?The cost of these vaccines varies by vendor. More information about them.

Travel insurance must also be, especially if you're going away for a few months at the end. Which brings us to the next point ...

Get a year's travel insurance.

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If you are leaving for a while, make sure you are insured, especially if you plan to parry in very physical activities ..

Get the policy that is available.

You probably best take the annual cover if you plan to go away for a few months, or for a few different trips within 12 months. If you leave for a short period of time, the single cover will provide you (you guessed) one single trip for the period up to (approximately) 31 day

Use the price comparison Web sites, for example.

Dividout money between cards and cash.As soon as you decide how much money you have to play, you bet a little.

Prepaid debit cards and.

And whatever you do,

Get a job over a year or experience.

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A working holiday is a great way to see new sights,

You can find the hosts all over the world that launch all kinds of settings: you could volunteer in Belgium, help save whales in Costa Rica, or learn English in Romania ... The possibilities are endless! Our leadership.

If you work well with children, work hard.

Besides work, couch surfing-this is also a great way to save on saving work in a hostel. In addition, local residents will learn about all the less tourist hidden birthmarks that would otherwise remain unsolved ...

Eat and buy local.Even if you go somewhere very cheaply, as in Southeast Asia, you should keep tabs on how much you spend on food and beverages. The sandwich is here, the milkshakes-all these little shopping are starting to add!

Always watch how many locals pay for street food. You can be stained a mile from a tourist, and when you don't have a rough idea of speed for a set, it's easy to get a horse!

Try and limit yourself to eating once a day and make sure you have a big breakfast in the morning. If you stop at a hostel with breakfast included, it may not matter.

You'll get the snacks with you on the tour, or you'll do anything