My experience with university mental health

Our system isn't perfect, but it helped me

I've been preparing for medium and depression, such as a truck. If you ask me what I remember from my classes during this time, I won't be able to tell you a lot. But here's what I can tell you: I cried. Cajdda. One. Night. I am not prone to suicide, but the thought that he was jumping from the ledge-any one of them in the campus-was in my mind all the time. I remember getting longer routes to get into class so I don't see them

No one will be the same as mine. But if

Last October, I set up a meeting with the Health Service and consulting services from Simon Fraser University. While Health and Counselling were not at the top of my list for two reasons

First of all, I was incredibly naive and I thought that none of the councilors gave me advice that I could take myself from the ground

Secondly, I already had a terrible experience in the field of health care and consulting in my first year of university

Flashback: I sat down in front of a middle-aged person, feeling a bit sad and excited (the result of my own mental health problems mixed with stress), expecting them to make me feel better. Instead, I got out of the contract, I got it. Because after you trusted this man with my mental health problems, the counselor told me that my problems are not that bad. That I should try to rest or something

For almost two years, I haven't returned to get help

I'd be much happier in a prospectus if I tried again, because I hit the jackpot when I made my second meeting last October. I found someone who was more empathic this time, a consulting student who makes it practical

Not only did she listen to me without judgment, but she gave me some self-service advice and how to deal with my depression. That was so thoughtful, I cried. In the course of several sessions, I slowly realized how to be happy again

Why students do not benefit from mental health services (and why you should give them a chance)

"I won't be able to get any help in the near future."

It's true, mental health services

This indicates the waiting time for consulting and therapy in Ontario (not only in universities)

In addition, health and counselling services give priority to appointments based on the importance of the needs of the student. It means that if it's an emergency, make sure you don't need to underestimate the seriousness of your needs when you've described them. In some cases, you will be seeing you the same day you go to the meeting

"The bad press should be right."

When a student asks a friend, " Hey, were you at the university counselor? Do they have good results? "And a friend says, "yes, I've had a terrible experience," it's connected to

Although you have friends that you can depend on each other, you are not friends. Ditto for news sources and their statistics. Just because your friend had a bad experience with a consultant doesn't mean you'll be. In my case, he took two different people to find the right fit. And to be fair, perhaps someone else might have thought that the first counselor I met was good advice

At Simon Fraser University, most members of the group of consultants are either doodder or students (as opposed to licensed doctorates). As a result, some students feel that they will not receive meaningful advice during their session

I disagree, based on personal experience. I think it makes more comfortable experience when an advisor is someone you can identify. End-user who (successfully!) helped me, probably, in her last 20

Why do you have to give university psychiatric services? (ALL)

Because you don't have to be the only one who's dealing with mental health. If you have experienced difficulties, please visit health and counselling services in your secondary education system. They can just keep you

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Eva is finishing her health work at Simon Fraser University. Except that she makes her contribution to the school paper, she spends her time writing his words and playing guitar. She's also for breaking the Patriarchate